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    Are you looking for unparalleled life insurance coverage

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    Look no further than TermLifeInsuraceMadeSimple.com. Our comprehensive, user-friendly website offers
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    Our team brings years of experience and customer satisfaction to the table and will equip
    you with all the necessary tools to secure the most competitive term life insurance quote available.



If you’re looking for Term Life Insurance companies, TermLifeInsuranceMadeSimple.com is the easy, simple, and free way to compare competitive term life insurance rates from the top providers. Our goal is to make finding term life insurance coverage that works for you - whether you are an individual or a business - as easy and fast as possible. To help you make the most informed decision about your term life insurance needs, TermLifeInsuranceMadeSimple.com provides comprehensive term life insurance information, free instant term life quotes, and provides application assistance to help make the process even easier. We partner with leading term life insurance companies to provide you with the most recent data available, so you have the most accurate picture of life insurance rates on the market.


TermLifeInsuranceMadeSimple.com is a subsidiary of Kelsey National Corporation (KNC), an experienced marketer and administrator of fully insured group and HMO benefits. Based in Los Angeles, California, KNC has offered benefit plans, insurance, and administration services to thousands of businesses and individuals all across the United States since incorporating in 1964.

KNC employs more than 50 qualified full-time professionals to serve our growing community, who are licensed to provide a selection of quality products from the nation's most respected carriers in every state in the US. Known for their dedication, courtesy, and professionalism, our employees carry impressive qualifications from outside the insurance industry, including multiple MBAs, a CPA, and a PhD.

As part of our effort to provide the best and most informed service to our customers, KNC is a member of numerous industry organizations, including the Professional Insurance Marketing Association, the Mass Marketing Insurance Institute, the National Association of Health Underwriters, Insurance Agents and Brokers Association of the West, the Independent Insurance Agents of America, and Life Underwriters of California.


Kelsey National Corporation and its subsidiaries offer a full range of insurance products, including term life insurance, HMOs, and discount health programs, to individuals as well as companies of varying sizes. In addition to these services, KNC also markets and administers fully insured group and HMO benefit plans developed with small businesses and trade Association Members in mind. To help get medium and large employers get find the best value and fit for our products and services, KNC has a special department to evaluate and serve their particular needs.

At KNC we constantly strive to provide the highest possible quality products to our customers, regardless of account size, and we pride ourselves on our superior customer service. By utilizing superior plan design, implementing intelligent and efficient management techniques, and employing industry best-practices in marketing and administration, we are able to honor our commitment to our customers to provide the best possible customer service - alongside our specialized product line - to all of our clients and partners.

Our knowledgeable and friendly sales representatives can answer any question about our products. Whether you are an individual consumer seeking guidance and information about the right term life insurance plan to purchase, an employer trying to find the best discount health program for your company, or a broker or agent looking for information about medical and dental insurance plans, our sales representatives will give you the information and support that you need to make the best possible choice. If you want to learn more about what we can do to help you with your insurance, HMO, health program, or other needs, just call us at 1-800-988-6420 - our representatives are on the line to help you, every weekday from 7:00 am to 9:00pm (Pacific Standard Time).


At TermLifeInsuranceMadeSimple.com, and at all of the KNC subsidiaries, we follow a set of concrete rules in how we provide superior products and unparalleled service to our customers. We’re so confident in our system and people that we can promise our customers that they will

  • Save money. We make it easy for you to explore, compare, and shop for the most competitive term life insurance on the market, allowing you to get the very best value for your dollar. And since TermLifeInsuranceMadeSimple.com is always free, you don’t have to spend a dime to save.
  • Save Time. With out streamlined applications, you can apply for what you need without wasting time. With TermLifeInsuranceMadeSimple.com, you don’t have spend time going to each provider’s site to get information - we put everything you need to see right in front of you, so making the best decision is fast and easy.
  • Have a large set of quality choices. We show quotes from over 90 of the nation’s leading term life insurance companies.
  • Maintain your privacy. We understand how important it is to keep your information safe online. We never share your information with anyone, and we certify our online application process—your identify is safe with us.
  • Get the best in customer service. Our sales representatives are here to help you, whatever your needs. Call them Monday-Friday at (800) 988-6420 and see how we can help you get what you need, whether you are individual or a business.
  • Avoid hard selling and other tricks. We’re not tied to any company’s rate, and are independent of the pressure to sell you a particular product.
  • Get Satisfaction. If you aren’t happy, you can return your insurance policy to us within 30 days. We’ll even refund any premiums paid!


Beyond TermLifeInsuranceMadeSimple.com, KNC has made a variety of tools and information available online to help consumers get the best in medical, dental, and life insurance quote requests. Check out one of our other sites, and let us help you identify the product that is right for you:

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